Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management


Dedicated to excellence in student development, the mission of BHMCT – ARNI is to create an environment that is conductive to education and dissemination of knowledge in the field of hospitality so as to prepare individuals with an academic foundation for lifelong learning with a focus on overall development to shape the youth in becoming global leaders. At ASHM we dedicate ourselves to hospitality with a support to all areas of inquiry that are related to hospitality both at National & International Level; we owe our commitments towards Excellence in Teaching and strengthening the Industry Collaboration.

Our vision is to be a Centre of Excellence in Hospitality, enhancing the practices of each specialization and preparing leaders to meet the challenges and needs of an evolving, multicultural and global society. We Endeavour to be the preeminent research organization that advances the boundaries of theoretical and applied research for hospitality academia, students, the global hospitality and tourism industry, and the local community along with motto to fulfill the aims & objectives of Arni University. Human Resources are greatest asset and the key to Success of Hospitality. We are committed to the professional and personal development of our students and staff. We strive for quality, excellence, integrity and fairness. We respect diversity of people, ideas, and cultures and honor the value of individuals in a team. We believe in perfection to achieve excellence and continuously improve processes to surpass global benchmarks. We encourage innovation, embrace change and support growth through knowledge and learning. We accept responsibility and deliver on promises with a sense of urgency and agility.

Faculty List