Arni School of Computer Science


Arni School of Computer Science focuses on contemporary and leading edge application of the computer, to develop world class Information Technology professionals. The programmes emphasise on development of applications to solve mathematician, computing, communications/ networking and commercial problems. The School provides a balanced, hands-on exploration of the important software and hardware forming the IT field. The courses are taught by the best faculty members having years of IT experience. We ensure that our students come out with the knowledge that is needed to meet the challenges of the ever-changing IT profession.

The School has the best state-of-the-art Computing facilities (both hardware and software), in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh and the surrounding areas. The University lays a very special emphasis on ensuring that the students are fully geared up for the technical challenges of an information society. The training programmes of the University are conducted to impart in-depth knowledge in the latest software technology. The School also offers the facility of digital information research in the Library so that the students could access various international research papers and journals.

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