Vice Chancellor


It is an irrefutable fact that this world is changing in all avenues at a very rapid speed. We feel that today’s job-market is becoming ever increasingly competitive and to be successful in this tough environment, candidates for job have to bring along a “Competitive Edge” that distinguishes them from other candidates with similar qualifications and comparable educational results. This could be done by developing Soft Skills in addition to the professional skills. The world study shows that Soft Skills are as important as the actual professional skills. These Soft Skills are not only necessary for a person’s professional career, but are even more contributing to one’s so called social competence.

I am very confident to state that Arni University is providing its students with the finest education and a supportive learning environment. In addition, the University recognizes that our students must be well-prepared to be valuable members of a rapidly changing society which desires responsible and participative citizens. Considering this, the University is continuously improving academically and administratively so that we are in a position to attain the standards of world-class universities that will allow our students to excel and be successful in their lives in the future.

We are fully committed to empower our students with knowledge ,skills and vision to meet the challenges and opportunities of a highly developed world .With our resolve to genuinely care for our students to sharpen their technical and managerial skills and develop their personality, the University is fast growing into a responsible Institution of higher education with perfection.

Wishing all our students a very happy and educative journey

Vice Chancellor

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