It is a matter of great honour for me to state that the Arni University has galloped forward with a great speed and emerged as a “ Five Star” educational institution in the country.

We are committed to the vision of our University i.e. to inspire students through its outstanding pursuit and achievements in the field of education and research. The University has now strategically positioned itself to train our students to meet the development needs of the country and the international human resources market. The Arni University is aiming for the production of quality research and dissemination of knowledge, skills and competence for the advancement of our students.

We also feel that in addition to the structured programmes of the University, students need to develop leadership skills and personality to be prepared to face the outside world. Accordingly, we have designed and nurtured the learning and teaching process by hiring the best talents/ experts.

In this year, we have been able to modernise/add a lot in better Faculty, well enriched Library, Laboratories and other infrastructure required for the welfare activities. I would like to assure everyone that we are fully dedicated to provide quality accredited career focused education to our students with an aim to transform Arni University as a 'Centre of Excellence'. I am absolutely clear in my mind that we will achieve our set goals.

We extend a hearty welcome to all our fresh students.

"Govind Kumar Goyal"

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