Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

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  • Date 19-06-2020

Arni seeks to provide academic, cultural and social opportunities to enhance the intellectual development of serious highly able and motivated students. The University focuses on academic prestige, scholarly excellence and intellectual horsepower, laying emphasis in developing knowledge and skills of students for elite academics, scientists and thinkers.

The syllabi are designed to provide students opportunities for research and exploitation in a wide array of courses in multiple disciplines as well as interdisciplinary learning experiences. Students admitted in Arni will be engaged; in challenging classroom discussions within designated well planned courses and will be introduced to multifarious topics by means of their attendance at Seminars, Lectures and Cultural programmes, both on and off Campus. The experience of peers and the rapport with Faculty members and designated advisors cultivates fine ingredients for a truly rewarding learning experience.

Arni also focuses on overall growth of the students by developing their Soft Skills and meeting their physical,intellectual, social and cultural needs. The University has a dedicated Team for development of personalities of students, emphasising on various important Soft Skills, including Communication Skills and preparation for interviews. It is drilled in the minds of students that Soft Skills are not only necessary for a person's professional career, but are even more contributing to one's so called social competence.

The University is alive to allocate a sizable budget and cater for several resources of funding for operational spending, research and earnings from endowments. The Management thrive in an environment that fosters competitiveness, critical thinking, innovation and creativity by managing resources efficiently and quickly to the demands of a rapidly changing global market.

Overall, the University aims to groom young students to shape into vibrant citizens of the country, capable of taking bigger responsibilities and contribute in every sphere through their professional competence, inter-cultural understanding and ethics by adopting first-class methodologies to tackle world class problems.

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