Arni School Of Basic Science Science degree gives students the edge in the job market. A degree in any stream of Basic Science could offer students everything they are looking for in a University course – and more. A career as a scientist can be worthwhile, rewarding and challenging. Many scientists feel that they are in the happy position of being able to pursue their favourite subject full time and be paid for it. Many graduates get in such jobs that are directly or indirectly relevant to the field of science. Science opens up great opportunities, unavailable to those studying other subjects.

Science students are also highly employable in a wide range of non-science careers, especially where high levels of numeracy are needed. Even if a person does not want to become a scientist, about 60% of graduate job vacancies are non- subject specific, so the possibilities are endless. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Science degrees draw all sorts of competency and offer a varied, challenging course of study for all- rounder.

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