Arni School Of Engineering and Technology degrees offer the chance to specialise in many of today’s most exciting and dynamic fields with career prospects to match. Perhaps the students will study Engineering and Technology and play a role in developing the Micro- technologies of the future, or may be students will choose such streams which would contribute to maintain and improve the technology that keeps modern society running. Technology has turned the world in to a global village and it could be considered a direct consequence of the innovations and studies in the fields of Engineering and Technology.

The Arni School of Technology provides a platform for students to help our modern society through innovative research in technology fields. We have the latest and well-equipped Labs and state-of-the-art facilities, along with the highly qualified and experienced faculty to guide our students to become the best professionals.

There are many possible careers in Engineering depending not only on your degree but also on your personal skills and preferences. That is why a part of the course involves helping you to develop a career plan. Today a wide variety of organizations need more efficient, effective and competitive operations. Depending on your choice of degree your contribution to this can span many manufacturing and construction sectors as well as other sectors that need highly skilled employees.


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