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Dr Manish Kumar (CEO)

From the Desk of CEO ARNI University makes every effort to make its curriculum world class and deliver it in the most effective manner. It constantly scans the developments taking place in the business world and in the society and responds to the same by preparing professional talent that is able to meet the challenges that present themselves.

Its eminent faculty with a commitment and deep sense of service delivers the curriculum very effectively. ARNI University tries its level best to recruit the best faculty, induct them properly and imbibe in them the values and culture that are a must to be able to serve both the students and the industry. Our faculty is also deeply involved in research and consultancy which renders their teaching all the more relevant and abreast of times. Our pedagogy and teaching aids complement the expertise and skills of our faculty. A special word of welcome for our alumni, who have shared a wonderful symbiotic relationship with the University throughout their association: first as students and now as alumni. It fills us with a feeling of humble pride to see them doing so well for themselves in various walks of life in different parts of the world. We hope that their bond with the University, their alma mater goes from strength to strength.

I heartily welcome the students seeking admission in the ARNI University and wish them all the Very best for their successful career and life.






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