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Mr.Vivek Singh

From the Desk of Chancellor Universities of higher learning have always played an important role in the social and economic development of nations. With the quantum of human knowledge increasing at a rapid pace, the role of Arni University as centre of learning, teaching, research and excellence has become more critical. Arni takes a holistic view of education and inspires and empowers students through knowledge and skills to partake fully in the economic development of the country.

It is a matter of great honour for me to state that the new Management has taken over the University and we would ensure that Arni University gallops forward with a great speed and emerges as a “Five Star” educational Institution in the country. Everything possible, to include infrastructure, upgrading of equipment, latest books and administrative / welfare facilities would be catered for to excel in the field of education. As the new, yet experienced Management, we have been investing our earnest efforts to take our University to become one of the best universities in the advancement of academic, human capital index, research & innovation.

Guided by this vision, the University has strategically positioned itself to train our students to meet the development needs of the country and the international human resources market.

We also feel that it is not only the knowledge or degrees alone that produce good citizens, but also the culture, ethos, values and conducive environment which adds to the leadership skills and personality as much as the knowledge. Accordingly, we have designed and nurtured the learning and teaching process by hiring or partnering with, the best talents / experts available in the country.

It is my proud privilege to formally welcome all fresh students to the Arni University and I hope that they all will be immensely benefitted by joining us. I would like to assure everyone that we are fully dedicated to provide quality accredited career focused education to our students. To achieve this, an immersive curriculum in our University, supported by industry, has been developed to prepare our students pragmatically with an aim to create a 'Centre of Excellence'. I am absolutely determined and clear in my mind that we will achieve our set goals.

We thank everyone for taking interest in our University.






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