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Dr.Umesh Sharma

From the Desk of Vice Chancellor What I believe is that Youth will become the future leaders. My people at ARNI and I, believe in the tagline "A university by the youth, for the youth".

We believe that education and the educators are the strongest pillars of a society. At ARNI we provide a world class infrastructure that brings students capability and creativity to a great extent. We are working towards the goal that Arni is the "University of Future".

We have an objective of being known for academic excellence and relevant research outcomes. University provides versatile platforms to its students through many courses in Management, Commerce, Technology, Life-Sciences, Pharmacy, Arts and Culture. The different Schools of the University offer a wide range of professional programmes in diverse areas at Under graduate, Post graduate and PhD levels.

For the holistic development of students, the University not only provides a persuading and dynamic environment but a well-equipped library, labs, sports grounds and extracurricular activities etc. to facilitate them. Moreover, we are also transforming these courses to Industrial Fourth Revolution which means an all about data science known as 'Industry 4.0'.

At Arni, we have the most competent faculty, rendering inimitable service involved in the consistent growth of students. We are working on many projects that will prove resourceful for the society. I feel very proud to state that some of our students have invented machines, for instance, solar grass cutters, Solar "Rikshaw" and many other innovations in this line of creations.

It will be my vision and mission to ensure that the university remains a pioneer in realizing strong possibilities for a 36o development of students and fulfil its responsibilities in technical education and research.

I feel it as an honour and privilege to be able to work with a highly committed and dedicated faculty striving towards national as well as global competence and excellence.







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